Thursday, February 18, 2016

Swatch Out! Blush Favorites: M.A.C, NYX, Jordana, Nabi, La Femme (WOC)

Jordana Blush- Cinnamon Spice (5)
Nabi Blush-Spice (3)
M.A.C Blush-Blunt (4)
M.A.C Blush-Raizin (4)
NYX Blush-Cocoa (5)
La Femme Blush-Russet (3)
La Femme Blush-Sienna (5)
 I naturally gravitate to blushes that will give my cocoa skin a natural glow or add some life to my cheeks. The blushes above each are different but all deliver pleasant results when used with a light hand. All of these blushes deliver serious pigmentation. 
Use daylight bulb(s) instead of natural or soft white bulbs at your makeup vanity or in your bathroom so when applying any makeup or foundation, you will know what it will look like outside, this helps you know whether you are applying too much or too little color to the face.
All blushes shown above are on the high and low end, quality and longevity is everything.