Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Live With Him

♥A Cautionary Tale™♥ Why You Shouldnt Live With Him♥
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When it comes to relationships, sometimes its all about the Benjamin's, okay so I have decided to write a blog on something that rarely gets talked about which is people that are in relationships who are not married, living together...okay ladies here we go. I'm not saying it is wrong, this is just my personal opinion so if you have a problem with this subject or your one of those people who gets offended easily. STOP READING THIS. Okay here we go....

1. Why you should not live with him....
A) As the old saying goes, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.
B) All your nasty habits, and privacy is gone
C) There is no more magic and you are no longer mysterious, and men like a woman that is mysterious.
D) The romance dies quickly when you see his dirty socks or stinky boxers lying around the house, or smell his farts.
E) No freedom

2. If your going to do it anyway
A) Move in with him, that way you can leave whenever you want, and are not financially responsible.
B) Do not pay rent, if you are living with him, not even half. He was paying the rent before you moved in, so whats the problem now, your not his fucking roommate your his woman, if a man asks you to move in and then expects you to pay half the rent. He's a creep. You are enhancing HIS life. Not the other way around.
C) Do not get a apartment together unless you are married. If you move in together that means you are both going to have to sign a lease and are both legally liable for the apartment. Which means if the relationship ends and you want to move, you are still responsible for paying rent, or even deposits, and it is alot harder to get out of a lease than you think. If something goes wrong your credibility can be ruined.

3. Why you should not let a man live with you...
A) This is tricky because a man feels like since it is YOUR apartment, that he is not financially responsible, and a may try to pay only half the rent. This is unacceptable. But on the other hand...he has a valid point. So..don't do it.
B) If he does pay all the lose all your power, it might seem okay in the beginning, but we know how men are, and they will never let you forget anything extra that they do, and you may end up feeling trapped.
C) If he moves in with you and you both haven't known each other but a few weeks or a month, ask him about his past and you'll find that he probably has lived with every woman he has ever been in a relationship with. This is a bad habit, he is looking for a mother not a woman, and these men have difficulty keeping jobs, play alot of video games, have alcohol or drug problems, in and out of jail..etc, and will not help you financially. They are usually described has nice guys, who just had a streak of bad luck, nothing is ever their fault, these things happen to them, they never did anything to cause it. yeah right. They are very good at manipulating people to get what they want. They will make you feel like a queen as long as they can live in your house, eat your food, and not financially contribute. And when you confront them about it, they try to make you feel guilty, like your money hungry or something. haha. Don't fall for the okey dokey.

4. Why you should not let a man spend the night.
A) He may get confused and think you want him there all the time or move in.
B) He is not paying rent so he shouldn't be sleeping there.
C) You must have boundaries, he will respect you, as a woman about your business, if he gets mad that he can't stay the night, that's fine, but if he is so offended that he blows you off. Then he is a controlling creep, that does not respect your space.
D) Who knows what he will do while you are sleeping, believe it or not, men like to snoop around, if you thought he was just going to the bathroom, think again.
E) A real man would not try to spend the night anyway, he will play his position, even when he knows you want him to stay.