Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Look: Neutral Eye w/ Extreme Liner

L.A. COLORS 12 Eyeshadow Palette (Trendy)
NYX Eyeshadow Base (White)
e.l.f. Blush (Candid Coral)
bareMinerals Matte Foundation (Golden Deep)
Cover Girl Matte Eyeshadow (Acorn)
Wet N Wild Creme Eye Liner (Black)
e.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminous)
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer (latte)
Revlon Luxurious Matte Eyeliner (Pure White)
Jordana Matte Lipstick (Lavender Lady)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jessie's Girl High Intensity Nail Color: Girls Night Out

I picked up this polish from Rite Aid, it is a pretty cerulean blue, from the JulieG collection by Jessie's Girl. A very pretty color, 3 coats were used on the nail in the picture below.
FYI: JulieG aka JulieG713 is a well received beauty guru on YouTube, and is known for her nail and makeup tutorials and reviews.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nicki Minaj Opi "Pink Friday" & "Fly" Nail Polish Dupes

Nicki Minaj Opi "Fly"

Sinful Colors "Why Not" & Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color "Candy-licious"

Nicki Minaj ★Stupid Hoe★ Inspired Makeup....

Beauties Factory (View From The Sea) Eyeshadow
La Femme (Mulberry) Blush
NYX Jumbo (Milk) Eyeshadow Pencil
bareMinerals (Golden Deep) matte foundation

e.l.f. cream eyeshadow: candlelight

Long lasting
Great packaging
Lots of product
Great color pay off
Great price

Beauties Factory Eyeshadows #407 Retro, #579 Nuts, #446 Blue Pearl

left to right: #407 Nuts, #446 Blue Pearl, & #407 Retro
These large pan eye shadows 3grams each are the same size as MakeUp Forever eye shadows but a lot cheaper, at $1.70 each these are a steal. The pigmentation is great, and the shadows are long lasting with a base. I ordered Retro and Nuts, and received Blue Pearl for free. Retro is suppose to be a matte but is more of a satin, Blue Pearl is also a satin pearlized color and Nuts appears to be a sheer matte brown.

★The Look★Neutral Natural Everyday Makeup

Beauties Factory Eyeshadow #579
Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner #886
e.l.f. Single Eyeshadow (saddle)
Cover Girl Matte Eyeshadow (Acorn)
e.l.f. healthy glow bronzing powder (Luminous)
Revlon Matte Luxurious Kohl Eyeliner Crayon (Pure White)
Almay Triple Effect One Coat Mascara (Blackest Black)
Santee Mineral Blush/Bronzer (Color 02)
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer (Latte)
bareMineral Matte Foundation (Golden Deep)
Jordana Matte Lipstick (Lavender Lady)
Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color (Red Red)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jordana Matte Lipstick: Lavender Lady

This lipstick is very pigmented, yet very matte, which means it is dry. Last throughout the day. Very pretty nude pinky color for me, very natural and flattering against my golden brown skin tone. I have been searching for the perfect pink for a whole year and I have found her. Lavender Lady is a blue toned mauve with lavender undertones. Love's her. I got her for $99 at the beauty supply but you can purchase this color and others directly from Jordana Cosmetics website for $1.49 each.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

★Maybelline Nail Colors★ Jean Jacket, Twinkle Pink, Peach Glimmer, Lacquered Berry & Juicy Melon

*Left To Right* Twinkle Pink, Lacquered Berry, Juicy Melon, Peach Glimmer, & Jean Jacket.
*Left To Right* Twinkle Pink, Lacquered Berry, Juicy Melon, Peach Glimmer, & Jean Jacket.

★Maybelline Express Finish Glitter Fast Dry Nail Enamel★
(Twinkle Pink)
2 Coats
Glitter with pink base.

★Maybelline Wet Shine Vinyls Wet Look Nail Color★
(Lacquered Berry)
2 Coats
Deep Burgundy Creme

★Maybelline Wet Shine Wet Look Nail Color★
(Juicy Melon)
2 Coats
Hot Coral Pink Creme

★Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Diamond Shine Nail Color★
(Peach Glimmer)
2 Coats
Metallic Coral Peachy Pink with Gold Duochrome

★Maybelline Express Finish Fast Dry Nail Enamel★
(Jean Jacket)
2 Coats
Metallic Navy Blue with Purple Duochrome

Afraid Of The Dark? Hot Topic, Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic, Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Night Lights

*Left To Right* Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Extreme Wear (Night Lights), Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Nail Color (Black Magic), Hot Topic (Color Unknown)
*Left To Right* Night Lights, Black Magic, & Hot Topic.

Night Lights: 2 Coats-multicolored glitter with a light silver base.
Black Magic: 3 Coats, Confetti with clear base.
Hot Topic: 2 Coats, Black with silver glitter.

Night Lights and Hot Topic both have very small fine glitters, which means they won't be hard to remove.

Ruby Kisses Nail Polish #RNP102 Neon Yellow & #RNP103 Neon Green

Left to Right: RNP103 (Neon Green), RNP102 (Neon Yellow)

These seem to be a jelly formula, took 3-4 coats to get them opaque, otherwise it is very sheer. Lovely for spring and summer, if you just want a pop of color on your fingertips.
The neon yellow is my favorite. (FYI: I believe these may be the old formula)
Tip: If you want the color to pop, add a white nail polish underneath as a base.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Blue & Brown Eyeshadow Look...

Wet N Wild I ♥ Matte Palette
e.l.f. Studio Blush (Fuchsia Fusion)
Jordana Matte Lipstick (Lavender Lady)
Cover Girl Eyeshadow (Acorn)
bareMinerals Foundation (Golden Deep)
Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner Pencil (Pure White)
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer (Latte)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

She's A Fake: M.A.C Wonder Woman Lipstick?

I purchased this lipstick from eBay...knowing it was a fake. Because I like the Wonder Woman collection lipstick packaging and I sold the lipstick (Russian Red) I purchased from M.A.C to a friend when the collection was available. I wanted to see how the packaging would look and the quality of the lipstick. The lipstick quality is more of a creme sheen. It is very patchy, but it is creamy. Not long lasting. I paid about $3.00 for this lipstick. The packing is very convincing. The outer packing is just like the original. However the actual lipstick packing is not as durable as the original but it is similar. There is no color name just a sticker with a number. Don't be fooled ladies. Do your research before purchasing certain products.