Friday, October 21, 2016

Swatch Out! NYX Full Throttle Shadow Palette (Color Riot)

 Full Throttle shadow palette in Color Riot. Features three matte shadows and one pressed pigment. $10.00USD. Now to be honest I am a little disappointed with this palette. I saw the rustic terracotta colors and got excited about all the possibilities. However when I went to swatch the colors they were lackluster and chalky. These colors look promising but looks can be deceiving and at the $10.00 price point I am shocked at the audacity. But never the less I decided to try them out on the eyes and was even more so stricken with buyers remorse. I have many NYX eye shadows that do not disappoint but just like the NYX Adorable palette, this one is a no go. I am not sure what has happened to the companies over all viewpoint of what quality is and should be. But I think supply and demand has forced them to mass produce which causes the customers to suffer because the formula is not as great as it once was. It cost to be the boss. And you get what you pay for, however I am finding even the big dogs like NARS, Tarte and Too Faced are producing lackluster dollar store quality makeup pigmentation at inflated prices. Blame the YouTube beauty community or bloggers for this sudden surge in makeup product interest. But there is simply no excuses and the girls who wait and save they're hard earned chips for this garbage is the ones that pay the ultimate price. 
Recommendation: Use a white cream eye shadow base (NYX Eye shadow Base in White) under neath and do not swipe the colors on, pat them on with a brush for better color pay off and longevity. A eye shadow primer simply will not work.
 photo taken in outside sunlight
 left to right
Deep Red
Warm Orange
Red Brown
Biege with Gold Shimmer
 photo taken outside in sunlight
 photo taken with camera flash
Pigmentation: 2
Longevity: 2
Packaging: 2
Price: 1
 Swatched over an eye shadow base with several swipes

Lackluster pigmentation
Wears off easily
No mirror in the palette