Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Collection: Jordana Matte Lipsticks

I have been swatching and reviewing these lipsticks for years. And they are still one of my favorites not only for the price $1.00 to $1.99USD but the quality. It's no secret that Lavender Lady is one of my favorites.  It is the perfect nude against my cocoa skin. I really like Poppy Pink and Plum Obsession. Eggplant is a more affordable lip color for those who want that dark lip without paying the high price. It is just as long lasting and pigmented, and looks great on fair to deep skin tones. Hot Kiss is a orange red and doesn't have the staying power of the others. Berry is a muted plum, which would look great on fair to medium skin tones. Fruity Punch is a matte hot pink perfect for spring and summer looks. Pink Passion is a true pink, sort of retro and would look great with a smokey eye. 

Pigmentation: 5
Price: 5
Packaging: 3

Lavender Lady: Tan to Dark Skintones
Berry: Fair to Medium Skintones
Eggplant: Fair to Dark Skintones
Plum Passion: Fair to Dark Skintones
Fruity Punch: Fair to Tan Skintones
Pink Passion: Fair to Deep Skintones
Hot Kiss: Fair to Dark Skintones
Plum Obsession: Fair to Dark Skintones

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Daiso Japan Beauty Haul

 Everything in store $1.50 or less, items sold on the DAISO JAPAN online store are sold in bulk. I like this shop because it has everything from household items to stationary. Even some beauty and makeup items as well. This time around I picked up some much needed essentials grapefruit makeup wipes, adhesive tape for press on nails, a nail scrubber, oil blotting paper, and pedicure toe separators. All items were $1.50 each.
The oil blotting paper is made from old traditional Japanese "Mino-Washi Paper". And contains natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wet N Wild megalast Salon Nail Color: Warm Filter

This peachy warm coral color features a ManiCurve Pro Brush for more nail application coverage. It is the perfect fast drying spring/summer nail color. Two coats shown on stiletto press on nails for added drama. $2.99USD Walgreens.
Shown above with camera flash.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beauty Treats: Matte Blush Palette

This palette features 10 bright colored full sized blushes. These colors are beautiful, pigmented, and bold. There are some great neutrals and every skin tone can find at least two or three shades to work with. If you love matte blushes, this inexpensive Beauty Treats palette is for you. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The colors are blendable and buildable. I like that you can build the intensity of these blushes on the skin. $5.99USD
Pigmentation: 4
Longevity: 3
Packaging: 5
Price: 5
Bottom Row of Palette Shown Above With Flash
Bottom Row of Palette Shown Above Without Flash
Top Row of Palette Shown Above With Flash
Top Row of Palette Shown Above Without Flash

Monday, April 6, 2015

Swatchout! Wet N Wild coloricon Eyeshadow Palette: California Roll

These are beautiful colors and all of them have okay pigmentation, with 3 frost shades and 3 matte shades, you can create many colorful spring looks with this palette. The red and green matte shades are my favorites out of the palette because of the uniqueness the colors bring, you would not be able to call this palette California Roll without the Wasabi green color which has some gold re-flecks in the formula. $2.99USD 
Pigmentation: 4
Packaging: 5
Longevity: 4
Price: 5
 Shown above with camera flash. No eyeshadow primer used.
Shown above without camera flash. No eyeshadow primer used.