Friday, December 13, 2013

FashionFix: Ruby Woo, Forever 21, and

Hair- Beshe (Pure) DXHONEY
Jewelry- Forever 21
Bat Crop Top-
Makeup- M.A.C Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lipstick & Blunt Blush

Riri Loves M.A.C Holiday! Riri Woo

Of course I purchased this for the packaging. Which is gorgeous, and the retro matte lipstick sports riri's autograph. $16.50USD

Friday, December 6, 2013

Nicka K Nail Enamel (Muddy Purple)

NK Nail Enamel in Muddy Purple 
shown with two coats and one coat of Jordana Quick Dry Top Coat.

This is a very vampy muted deep purple. The name literally matches the color. This is a different color for me, this color screams sexy, especially on a stiletto or almond shaped nail. I love this color, I wanted a dark nail but I didn't want to wear black. This is a perfect in between. 

Pigmentation: 5
Quality: 5
Longevity: 5
Drying Time: 2-3 minutes
Price: 1.49USD

Pink Friday: Jordana Lipsticks Geranium & Candied Pink

 (Right) Geranium (Left) Candied Pink
 shown with flash 
(left) Geranium
(right) Candied Pink
 (left) Geranium (right) Candied Pink
 (left) Geranium (right) Candied Pink

First off let me say that these two Jordana Lipsticks are highly pigmented and long lasting, they are both cream lipsticks, although Geranium has a matte feel and look to it when on the lips. Geranium is my favorite out of the two as it suites my skin-tone perfectly. As you all know not every lip shade is created equal.
They do have a slight scent to them as the other Jordana Lipsticks I have from the past do not. So I am guessing they changed the formula. Also these lipsticks can be bit drying on the lips, so you may want to add balm before putting them on.These colors and longevity reviles the top brands and the price at under $2.00USD is more than exciting. 

Pigmentation: 5
Longevity: 5
Moisture: 2
Packaging: 3 
(f.y.i packaging has not changed)